plastic safety barrier

Avalon Barricade

The Avalon Barricade provides both stability and security with its HiVis foot and innovative lockable connector. Easy to use and transport, this long-lasting and robust barricade can be used in many applications, for example in-door and out-door events, construction, street traffic, etc.








  • Advertising signage and reflective can be fixed to front and back
  • Can be used with link boards to extend barricade configurations
  • Can accept warning signs and contractor information boards
  • Blow molded 1 piece barricade constructed from tough high density polythene (HDPE)
  • Supplied with standard feet or ClearPath feet
  • Designed for secure stacking and easy transportation.


  • Recycled and 100% recyclable.
  • Blow molding technology provides strength at light weights.


Product No



39.4 in


79 in


24 lbs

Number / pallet



Orange, White 

Test and data

Avalon with standard feet: maximum wind speed achieved: 17 mph Avalon with ClearPath Feet: maximum wind speed achieved: 20 mph Mira Wind Tunnel Test 02.2009


Locking System:

The Avalon unique linking system design creates secure joints on uneven ground - over curbs, up slopes and across rough terrain. Unlocked or locked mode configurations prevent unauthorized dismantling.

Uses and Users

  • Out-door applications (construction sites, road works, events, airports)
  • In-door applications (temporary excavations, etc.)
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