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Hear what our customers have to say!

"I think the panels are easier to handle and load. The block are easier to load and you don’t need to go back with sand bags when installing. Overall it’s a better solution."

Industrial Fence, Detroit, MI

"Over the past ten years I have experimented with many types of panels in a search for what works best and provides the highest return. The design features of welding the mesh inside the frame and compressing the rail ends at the weld point has minimized maintenance, improving utilization dramatically. We can transport and store more at a lower cost. Also, with no points or sharp edges, we have reduced injuries to our workers and provide a much safer panel where the general public is concerned."

Mobile Fencing, Providence, RI

"With the covers we are able to do five driveway crossings at a time which saves on paying minimum charges on concrete deliveries. Hopefully there will be more projects we can use them on in the coming year."

JH Lynch, Cumberland, RI

"Oxstand is far more durable than tube stands. Best of all, my customers like them because they virtually eliminate the trip hazard."

McConnie Fence, Tampa, FL