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With safety and efficiency becoming more critical throughout the fence, construction, and event management industry, Edge Protection Solutions aims to provide it's customers with quality safety products for a variety of projects. From our temporary fence to our barricades to our trench covers, all of our products are designed in collaborations with some of the largest contractors in the US, Australia, and UK! So if you are looking to grow your temporary fence rental business or improve safety on your next job site, give us a call! 

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Why buy from Edge?

Our products are not only designed to help you be more efficient in the field, but also built to last! Contractors are able to get more turns out of our products bringing more revenue to their bottom line. Our representatives at Edge have helped numerous fence rental contractors grow their business year over year with high quality products and expert advice. Nobody stocks more temp panels than we do! 


Safety First!

Why risk it? Contractors who use our products report less claims and always look their best out on the job. Your image is important so don't settle for old or inexpensive safety solutions.  

Our Products

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  • Wire Mesh Temporary Fence
  • Chain Link Temporary Fence
  • Weighted temp fence bases
  • Metal Barricades 
  • Plastic Barricades
  • Plastic Trench Covers
  • Ground Protective Mats 


 Markets Served
  • Fence Contractors
  • Portable Toilet/Site Service Companies
  • Container/ Office Trailer Companies 
  • Scaffolding Companies 
  • Event Rentals
  • Event Venues
  • Construction Management
  • Utility Construction
  • Tree Care
  • Landscapers
  • Septic and Sewage 

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