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Temp Panel Backstay

Looking for some extra support on your temporary fence jobs? Our Backstays (sometimes called "Kick Backs") are a simple way to add extra support to your jobs with out using extra fence panels or digging. They are light weight and easy to clamp to the back of your panel. Most contractors will install one backstay every 3 panels instead of off setting panels or creating a "triangle" with 2 extra panels. 

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  • Adds extra support to panels with windscreen
  • Can accomodate 2-3 OxBlocks for an additional 100-150lbs of support
  • Do not protrude too far in to the job site
  • Stainless steel 
  • Light weight 
  • Easy to stack and fit on a truck
  • Compatible with any panels and ballast weight


Product No



72 in


34 in

Total Weight

20 lbs

Number / pallet 



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