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TempFence- Wire Mesh 

Our Welded Wire Mesh Panels are all hot dipped galvanized, making them the strongest, most durable on the market today. Our innovative panels are designed to help contractors grow their fence rental business. Suitable for construction sites, events, temporary enclosures, etc.

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  • Durable. Available with mid rail and with out mid rail 
  • The mesh is attached within the frame eliminating hang ups and entanglement. 
  • Interlock, when stacked.
  • More panels per truck load.
  • More secure transport. 
  • Easily handled by one worker.


  3 Rail Panel 2 Rail Panel

Product No

TEM004 TEM008


6' 6'


11' 6" 11' 6" 

Wire Guage

 11.5  11.5

Total Weight  

60 lbs 55 lbs


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